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Zany Media is a British duo of creators, producing broadcast-quality content, with a quirky sense of humour, for a range of YouTube and business clients. Our work has included food, travel, product, technical, aerial, real estate and automotive videography – we can truly turn our hand to anything! We pride ourselves on content creation that stands out above the crowd.

Our clients include:

Producer Michael

Producer Michael
1.66m subscribers

Michael Blakey partnered with videographer Adam Swords to create the Producer Michael YouTube channel, which has in excess of 1.6m subscribers to date.

Zany Media offers the following services:

  • Editing of short- and long-form content
  • Content strategy
  • YouTube SEO
  • Filming
ProducerMichael on YouTube
JayEmm on Cars

JayEmm on Cars
366k subscribers

James Martin is one of the most well-regarded automotive YouTubers in the UK, with a fast-growing audience of dedicated fans. His no-nonsense approach and the depth of information in his videos has proven popular, having recently surpassed the 300,000 subscriber mark.

Zany Media is currently editing interviews and car reviews for the channel, and there are plans for filming James’s personal cars at some point in the near future.

JayEmm on Cars on YouTube
All About Annette

All About Annette
6,980 subscribers

Annette Joseph is a photo stylist and author of ‘At the Table of La Fortezza’. As part of the launch of her cookbook, we were commissioned to film and edit a series of recipe videos from the book, combining the interesting cuisine of the Lunigiana region of northern Tuscany with her unscripted and hilarious presenting style.

Since working with Annette on the recipe videos, the channel has expanded to a wider range of topics, with particularly successful videos on Italian real estate building the channel audience.

All About Annette on YouTube
JayEmm and Friends

JayEmm & Friends
15.5k subscribers

Born from James Martin’s successful ‘JayEmm on Cars’ channel, JayEmm & Friends expands upon his wider interests, such as motorbikes, technology and cooking, as well as behind-the-scenes videos with fellow YouTubers.

Zany Media help edit videos, working closely with Antony from the channel SPORTZNTOURING, and contribute to ideas on how to continue the growth of the channel.

JayEmm & Friends on YouTube

American Viscountess
219k subscribers

Julie Montagu presented ‘An American Aristocrat’s Guide to Great Estates’ on Smithsonian Channel. After the untimely cancellation of the TV series, we decided to recreate the format for YouTube, ending up with an incredibly high production value documentary series.

Zany Media helped with research, filmed, edited and promoted every episode of the first two seasons on YouTube, and even directed some too.

We flew a drone for spectacular aerial footage. We sourced uplifting and moving music scores from a wide variety of stock music websites. We pulled out promotional materials from the footage, and provided sponsors with tailored content for use on their social media platforms.

Series 1 & 2 have now been licensed by Little Dot Studios for broadcast on the Real Royalty channel (part of the History Hit network) and is reaching a large new audience via their subscription service and 1m+ subscriber YouTube Channel. Zany Media is helping with the filming and editing of new country house episodes.

American Viscountess on YouTube
Mapperton Live

Mapperton Live
125k subscribers

Following the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, running an historic house as a tourist attraction became incredibly challenging. In April 2020, Mapperton Estate began live-streaming tours of the house with the Earl and Countess of Sandwich. Zany Media provided invaluable expertise to ensure the smooth running of these live-streams with minimal resources and appalling rural internet connections!

The following year, a strategy was developed to build upon the success of these live streams, and Mapperton Live was born. Within three episodes, the investment paid off, and a video documenting the draining and cleaning of the 18th Century swimming pool went viral, hitting 1.6million views to date.

Zany Media played the integral part of the development of the channel, filming and editing all content, and suggesting content streams. Advertising revenue from the YouTube channel, as well as a popular Patreon account, means that a new income stream for the estate makes it easier to pay for the upkeep of the manor house.

Mapperton Live on YouTube

Immersed in the world of YouTube, Zany Media has its own YouTube Channel – ‘Stephen and Claire – 2 Zany Brits’

We started filming our adventures on a road trip to Scotland in March 2022 and never looked back. Since then, we’ve documented alternative things to do in Pisa, the crazy Tar Barrels event at Ottery St Mary, Devon, and how to cook a traditional British roast dinner.

Our presenting style combines a passion for photography and videography, showcasing local sights and interests, as well as a zany onscreen banter.

Want to work with Zany Media?

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